The Labor Market In Denmark

Trade Unions In The Labor Market

The labor market in Denmark is regulated by the employers and employees to a large extent. There is minimal labor market regulations and interventions in such a market. Such a model of working indicates that employers and wage earners come to a voluntary agreement about the wages and the working conditions. Trade unions play a key role in the Danish labor market even in these modern times. That is a change from the scenario in other countries. A high degree of unionization exists in Denmark. Most of the wage earners in Denmark are trade union members. This is not applicable much to the whit collar or management jobs.

The Services They Provide

The trade unions function like in olden times with certain exceptions which have come about with the changes in working conditions and nature of employment opportunities in the modern industries. There are hourly wage workers in service industries. There are industrial wage workers as well. The trade unions look into voluntary agreements being formed on wage and working condition parameters. Health insurance, assistance in case of occupational injury, rehabilitation provisions and related matters are looked into by the trade unions in Denmark. There are different roles and services provided by the trade unions as well. They offer personal consulting services or career planning services. There are bonus schemes that are provided to members of trade unions such as discount on petrol, insurance, shopping and other programs. The role of the trade unions vary as per the sector they cater to. Krifa, for instance, is a Christian trade union.

Unemployment Security

Social security does exist in Denmark but many trade unions can provide the additional benefit of unemployment insurance. Even if you are not automatically insured against loss of a job, you can seek such protection from the trade unions for a fee. Unemployment insurance is provided on the basis of an unemployment fund that is created and maintained by certain trade unions. Employment is uncertain in changing economic conditions. Many trade unions offer their members the additional benefit of unemployment insurance at a discount. These funds are maintained by private associations. These are affiliated with the trade unions. There are other professional organizations which act as financial institutions and offer their unemployment fund schemes to the trade union members.

Choice Of Trade Unions

Most of the unemployment funds in Denmark are linked to particular trade unions. There are certain interdisciplinary unemployment funds as well. It is necessary to understand the choice of trade unions you have and the kind of unemployment benefits they provide. The industry you work in will have its own associations of trade unions. You could seek information from your colleagues in the industry. If you wish to know more, there are official sources of information uploaded online. There are Danish websites which provide further information on such matters. There are religious trade union movements which also look into furthering the cause of employment for the Christian community in Denmark. Krifa at is one such association which offers different services to its members. The site details the different benefits program it has for its members.