Best Email Marketing Tips for Your Business

Seeking subscription to the mailing list – The respectable way:

Instead of sending away an unsolicited promotion mail (which is by default trashed by the recipient) it is honorable and even pays to seek their confirmation before sending in one. This is done through a Double-Opt In.  In Double-Opt In the system sends a request to the email address submitted, needing the recipient to take an action – mostly to click on a hyperlink in the email – to affirm that they are the owner of the email address and wish to subscribe to the mailing list.

Reach potential customers where they are:

To keep adding to your emailing list, there are many ways. These include, keeping a guest book or sign-up form at the place of your biz and including a “subscribe me to mailing list” button in your Facebook page and website.

New tools are:  Text-to-Join, in which potential customers are added to an emailing list after being sent a text message to a pre-fixed keyword.

Scan-to-Join which enables consumers join a mailing list by scanning the QR code that a biz has placed on a visiting card, flyer or other printed media.

Ask what you need:

Making the recipient to reel out his life history would put off the reader.

Example: If the data need is only geographic location, the prompt may only be for zip code rather than phone number or street address. Ideally an email id is the only prompt you may need but if you would like to seek additional info, you may make it optional or offer additional incentive for giving away extra info and give reason for soliciting the same. Also, more importantly you can get the info you need after they sign up.

Subject Lines – Short and Sweet:

The promo mails that get opened the most are the ones that give away exactly what’s the mail is all about in the subject line.

Write like a human:

As with social media, email allows businesses to speak in a more informal tone with their customers. This implies that you can afford to be jovial to get your message through.

Being mobile-aware:

Emails are no longer read only on the desktop. See ways to improve the customer experience by optimizing your email for a touchscreen.

Polls help to collect data quickly:

This takes a few seconds to answer. Polls help cultivate a touch of interaction, as those who take time to answer can see what others have checked.  Once you have a repository of responses, you can segment your mailing list based on the results.

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