Backup Power Ideas

We have all been there! Your business loses power due to a fault at a generator down the line or an accident that knocked out part of the power grid. You have to ask yourself whether you are prepared for this eventuality. In many such power outages, especially in rural areas, it can far longer than you might originally expect for the electric company to repair the problem. During this time, you could be losing thousands of pounds from your business.

If you have a small business with just a few computers you can probably get away with an interrupted power supply, but in a company that has a dedicated server room this will just not cut it at all. You need to think of a more permanent solution that can be relied upon for days or even weeks if necessary, to provide essential services to your clients, partners and staff members.

Larger companies cannot afford to have no access to files, and as such having a data centre that can operate on its own power supply is a welcome guarantee against power outages.

Standby diesel generators

During an extended power outage, one of the best ways to make sure your business keeps running seamlessly is to have a purpose built diesel generator set up. The generator will run efficiently on cheap, diesel petrol and you can store as much fuel as you think you will need on site.

Diesel generators can also be housed in very effective weatherproof and soundproof enclosures, which will not only protect them from the elements, but allow staff members to work comfortably during a power outage without being disturbed by loud machinery.

Furthermore, the generator will only be used in emergencies. Thus there are negligible running costs and only an initial costs when purchasing the generator. The potential cost to your business of inaccessible data is far higher than that of a few emergency generators!

Uninterrupted power supply

A UPS is a device which ensures that your servers do not go down in the time between the power outage and the generators taking over. A UPS by itself does not provide electricity all the time for your business but is a safe measure. However, when integrated into a complete emergency backup power system whose most important component is the backup diesel generator, the UPS will provide the seamless transition for you. When the power cuts out, the UPS will kick in for a few minutes until the diesel generator is fired up and fully operational. This way, you will never lack power when it is needed and operations can continue as normal.

Setting up a complex backup power system that networks your server room to a UPS and then to a diesel generator is a complex and time consuming project. Additionally, there are many fire code and other health and safety considerations to be taken into account. This is why it is highly recommended that you work with an experienced hosting provider such asĀ who have been setting up server rooms for UK customers for many years. Your data centre is a crucial part of your business and all possibilities should be taken into account.

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